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Welcome to Biz-Promotion.... Your online resource for Branded Wearables, Promotional Products, Business Gifts, Employee Incentives, Safety Programs and much more.

Services: Biz-Promotion offers a wide range of services. From design and print management to warehousing and fulfillment we can handle every aspect of your event or marketing campaign.

We provide printing for post cards, brochures, catalogs, custom calendars, flyers, posters, office forms, and much more. We can customize our services to meet your needs and even provide warehousing and online ordering.

Want to dress up your presentation? We can create custom packaging or gift wrap your items so they really stand out.

We are a full service agency that strives to make your life easier, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Trust the pros at Biz-Promotion!

About Us: Biz-Promotion has been in the advertising and printing business since 2001. We pride ourselves in our commitment to total customer service. From a small one piece jacket order to a full service online company store, our commitment is the same. Biz-Promotion will make your job easier.

There are thousands of products for you to view on this site. If it becomes too much - overwhelming - give us a call and one of our account reps will personally go over your project with you to customize the "look" you are seeking.

Contact Us: We are a full service agency, awaiting the chance to take your next idea, promotion or event to new heights.

Customer Business Appreciation Gift Program

Biz-Promotion invites you to participate in our customer business appreciation gift program after ordering business promotion items, products or gifts.

Our company does truly value your business. We would like to say thank you for your initial purchase of promotional items from our company's web site.
Please feel free to continue to shop, planning for your next business promotion items purchase.

Thank you for your Business,

Top Three Promotional Marketing & Employee Recognition Tips

Biz-Promotion invites you to review our top three promotional marketing and employee recognition tips for purchasers of imprinted promotional items.

1. Plan Ahead and Execute
Plan ahead, for your marketing campaigns, trade shows, events and recognition programs. Decide at least one month in advance of your need and place your order for imprinted promotional items without procrastination. Select two items for every item you wish to purchase, just in case an item is not in stock in a sufficient quantity to fill your order. Pre-planning and early order placement will reward you with a successful, hassle free marketing campaign or special event, every time.

2. Promotional Item Selection and Business Marketing Strategies
Everyone likes to receive a gift, especially if it is of true value to the recipient.
Make certain you are distributing an imprinted promotional item that will be of definite use to the person (s) to whom the item is given to. The "What's new and trendy handout" isn't always appreciated universally. Neither is an item that is not appropriate to the particular occasion. When in doubt of what to purchase and distribute to your customers and potential clients, revert to what is "Tried and True". Writing Instruments are the most well received promotional item in existence. Pens are available in a style to suit any occasion and budget. Writing pads or sticky note pads go wonderfully with almost any pen as well. It is nice to explore something new, but make certain you are giving an item of true value.
For business marketing, items used in the office, preferable at the desk are of the highest use. They will ensure your corporate logo and contact information is in front of your prospects or current customers, every business day. If a prospect or current customer is writing with your logo pen, on your logo note pad, drinking coffee from your logo cup, making calculations on your logo calculator, gazing at your logo calendar who do you think they will call when they need your companies particular type of products or services? The answer is obvious, you of course!
A marketing strategy employed by our own company is to use a "Tiered Selection" of promotional items and gifts for obtaining new clients, increasing existing customer loyalty, which continually generates new and repeat business.
You should have on hand general distribution items to deploy by mailings, trade shows or sales calls to prospective clients.
Next, make certain you have 2nd, 3rd, 4th, selections increasing in value and therefore appreciation by those customers of your company. Target your "Top 25 Customers", then Top 50, then Top 100 and etc. Your customer loyalty and therefore corresponding revenues will dramatically increase over the fiscal year, year after year.

3. Employee Recognition and Safety Award Programs: Goal, Plan and Success
For employee recognition items such as padfolios, portfolios, umbrellas, business travel bags, a nicely engraved pen or company logo watches will let them know how much you really appreciate their service. First set a realistic sales or productivity "Goal" for them to accomplish. Then announce an office wide meeting, encouraging the employees to fully suggest and participate in the actual "Plan" to reach the announced goal. It is especially important to include all employees in the office. Every office employee needs to know they play a part in the total success of the company. Implement the plan, when the goal is reached, have a "Success" meeting complete with beverages and treats. Call each employee forward, to receive their recognition gift, shake their hand and thank them each by name for their contribution. At the end of the Success meeting, announce a date for a new plan meeting along with a brief description of the next goal you would like them to work on. Expound your confidence in their ability to come with the complete plan for the next goal. You can bet you will have an office full of "Einstein's" at the end of the day. A happy employee is a productive employee. The resulting rise in productivity will greatly outweigh the cost of the program.
Safety award programs benefit highly from choosing items such as flashlights, thermoses, coolers, beverage jugs, mugs or club-sport bags imprinted with your company safety message. Goal, Plan and Success meetings as described for employee recognition will have the exact same effect as for safety programs. Tier your safety program goals, quarterly, bi-annually and yearly to keep the employees interest in the safety award program high. Keep in mind a truly successful safety award program is a progressive program using tiered awards, increasing in value as new safety milestones are accomplished. This approach will keep forward momentum in your safety award program by offering a consistently "Larger Carrot" for continued performance. The dual benefit of a rise in productivity, due to less lost man hours and a lower overall insurance cost, will more than offset the cost of the program.
A truly successful company will live by the three wisdoms of, "Do right by those who do right", "Let everyone hold the trophy" & "Remember everyone at Christmas, for Christ remembered you."

If we can be of service by helping you to select the proper imprinted promotional items for your needs, please contact us.

Thank you for your Business.

Business Related Resources

Biz-Promotion invites you to review our business related resources upon shopping for business promotional items or promotional products.

Please contact us if you did not find the business promotional items or promotional products you desired. With a full selection of more than 500,000 items it is just nearly impossible to properly display all the items available. We honor your valuable time. In doing so, we display a good assortment of items online and maintain a highly trained staff of account executives to assist you in your search for the just the right promotional item, promotional product, trade show giveaway or promotional gift for your business promotion needs.
You may also feel free to place your orders by phone as well. A real live person will happily assist you by walking you through the ordering process and answer any questions concerning your promotional items purchase.

Feel free to utilize the premium search engine resources provided for you. Browse our most popular business related resources, or you may choose to visit our business related resource directory. All search resources and business resources are reviewed for quality content. We hope you find them useful for business.
If you wish to suggest a business resource, please feel free to do so.
Featured web sites must contain unique content, offering value to the visitor. Listings are limited for browsing ease.
Let everything always be done in good faith, benefiting all who participate, to improve the quality of the internet.

Happy Browsing!

Our Guarantee
Biz-Promotion invites you to review our imprinting, product & service guarantee for customers who order imprinted promotional items from our company.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Biz-Promotion does hereby absolutely guarantee to replace any order for imprinted promotional items or custom promotional products entirely at our expense on which an imprinting mistake has occurred due to our negligence or error. This extends to factory imprinting negligence or error that is not due to our negligence or error. Wholesome product only will be imprinted and delivered as such, without strategic defect in the promotional merchandise or your order will be replaced entirely at our expense. The only exception to any of the above is when misprinted or defective merchandise amounts to a determined small percentage of the total order, for which we will credit back or refund the customer the full dollar amount for that quantity of misprinted or defective merchandise. We will continue to make available the highest quality products to our customers and strive to serve them to a level of 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.

Biz-Promotion values you - the customer. We want you to rest assured that we will do everything in our power to see to it that doing business with our company will be a pleasurable experience, from product selection to delivery of the finished imprinted promotional items. We really appreciate your business and welcome you to contact us with any comments or suggestions regarding our web site, promotional products or customer service.

Thank you for your Business.

Promotional products - we have the solution for your gift giving needs whether you are looking for corporate promotional products for your business or gifts for a special occasion. Biz-Promotion - your business solution for corporate ball point pens, organizers, day planners, travel mugs, tumblers bottles, advertising promotional marketing products business gifts. Promotional products - Business gifts perfect for the business and corporate traveler and back to school supplies for everyone. Our advertising promotional products marketing gifts department provides just the right touch for office accessories. We are your products source for all types of Bags Back Packs Computer Bags Wheeled Bags Waist Packs and more. Great office supplies for any business or home office marketing gifts promotional products corporate gifts promotional gifts corporate gifts unique business gifts corporate award gifts corporate merchandise with corporate gift items.

Promotional products - we have the solution for your gift giving needs whether you are looking for corporate promotional products for your business or gifts for a special occasion. Biz-Promotion - your business solution for corporate ball point pens, organizers, day planners, travel mugs, tumblers bottles, advertising promotional marketing products business gifts. Promotional products - Business gifts perfect for the business and corporate traveler and back to school supplies for everyone. Our advertising promotional products marketing gifts department provides just the right touch for office accessories. We are your products source for all types of Bags Back Packs Computer Bags Wheeled Bags Waist Packs and more. Great office supplies for any business or home office marketing gifts promotional products corporate gifts promotional gifts corporate gifts unique business gifts corporate award gifts corporate merchandise with corporate gift items.

Featured promotional products on sale
Passport Holders
Mini ID Business Card Cases
Valet Key Fobs
Leather Padfolios
Crystal and Glassware Promotional Products
Promotional Advertising Gifts
Promotional Corporate Gifts
Desktop Items
For your promotional advertising gifts
Paperweights - Crystal and Glass Paper Weights
For your promotional marketing products.
Bent Glass Picture Frames
For custom promotional items.
Barware Glasses
To fit your advertising promotional needs.
Promotional Beer Mugs and Coffee Mugs
For corporate promotional items.
Promotional Barware
Pitchers, Decanters, Carafes and Ice Buckets
For your company promotional gifts
Crystal Jewelry Boxes, Glass Bells and Votive Candle Holders
Personalized promotional items.
Water Sets and Coasters
Market your brand in your customer's board and meeting rooms.
Serving Bowls, Trays, Platters, Plates, Glass Canisters
For corporate engraved gifts.
Glass Vases
For business promotional items.
Christmas Ornaments
Seasonal promotional item products.
Promotional Leather Products
Promotional Leather
Some leather promotional items are now available in designer colors. Most items available in these custom colors with a custom order of a minimum of 10 pieces.
Leather Writing Pad Portfolios, Padfolios and Journals
Here is a solution for the executive corporate meeting.
Business Card Holders and Business Card Cases
Leather Note Pads, Notepads & Jotters
Top quality leather note pads, notepads and jotters for your business promotional products.
Leather Briefcases
Expandable, Underarm, Laptop
Smart yet stylish.
Laptop Bags, Computer Bags and Laptop Briefcases
For promotional products.
Promotional Key Rings
Give these quality key ring ID wallets, business card holders and key rings.
Leather Passport Holders, Covers, Wallets, Cases and Organizers
Trust our fine leather passport cases to protect your important travel documents.
Money Clips
Leather Wallets and Checkbook Covers
Top quality leather wallets for your promotional product advertising.
Leather Wine Carriers and Totes
Arrive in style with these sophisticated totes. Cheers!
Promotional Leather ID Holders
Give these quality ID wallets, Lanyard ID holders and key ring ID Holders for your promotional product needs.
iPod, CD Holders, Blackberry Cases, Palm Pilot Cases for your business promotional items.

Leather Photo Albums
and Leather Picture Frames
Leather Luggage - Travel Bags, Tote Bags, Garment Bags, Duffel Bags
Leather Luggage Tags
Give these quality leather luggage tags for corporate promotional items.
Leather Manicure Sets, Valet Cases, Valuables Cases, Travel Organizers
These quality leather travel accessories are for your corporate promotional items.
Leather Travel Jewelry Boxes, Cases, Rolls, Valet Trays
A touch of class! Secure your valuables in our classic leather cases.
Leather Travel Toiletry Bags, Toiletry Kits, Cosmetic Cases
First impressions count, whether at home or on the road.
Imprinted Promotional Items
Poker Chip Cases
Professional Poker Chip Sets
Fly Fishing Card Sets
Golf Playing Card and Dice Cases
Promotional Mouse Pads
Drink Coasters and Holder
Automobile Organizers
Glove Compartment Organizers
Personalized Double Pen Cases
Promotional Single Pen Cases
Marble and Granite Promotional Gifts
Promotional Gift Items
Logo set up charges apply -
Executive Promotional Marketing Products
Choose from marble promotional items.
Promotional Desk Accessories
Choose from marble marketing promotional items.
Golf Promotional Products, Items, Gifts
All of our golf products are shown in the Golf Tournament and Corporate Golf Gifts pages.
Promotional Flags and Flag Banners
Marketing Promotional Items
Logo set up charges apply for non-stock items -
Go to the Personalized Decorative House and Garden Flags page if you want a gift for individuals imprinted with names, pictures or text.
Promotional Advertising Flag Banners
Promote your event, company or organization with one of these attention getting flag banners.
Promotional Marketing Flag Banners
Colorful, artistic motivational themes with your thank you or motivational message.
Promotional Fine Art Prints
Marketing Promotional Products
Go to the Personalized Fine Art Prints page if you want a gift for individuals engraved with names, monograms or text.
Golf Themes
Automotive Themes - Fine Art Prints
Customized promotional and executive gifts. Unique fine art prints where you become part of the art process. We will put your company logo on the print as well as your message in the marquee. Several themes available or ask about a custom theme.
Promotional Business Products
Check out our marketing promotional products
Imprinted Promotional Business Products
Check out our imprinted promotional products
Corporate Custom Artworks
Corporate Gifts
Custom watercolor or pencil sketch of your corporate office building for corporate promotional items
Specializes in architectural art work. A great solution for unique executive gifts or for the boardroom.
Chocolate Gift Baskets
for Corporate Gift Items and Business Gifts
Gourmet Chocolate Corporate Gift Baskets
Satisfaction Guarantee

Specialties, Promotional Products, Trade Show Giveaways, Thank You Gifts, Awards, Premiums, Incentives, Holiday Gifts, Favors and Novelty Items

Whether you need 100 pens or 100,000 pens, we are your full service promotional product company!

You are welcome to locate products, request quotes and order

We welcome you to contact us with your advertising or gift needs so that we can make suggestions based on our clients' successes. Just let us know your requirements and we will be glad to help you out!
Suggestions and case histories provided upon request!

Promotional Products
Mugs & Coasters
Coffee & More
Pocket Keepsakes
Desktop Accessories
Awards & Recognitions
Traditional Plaques
State Plaques
Glass Plaques
Sports Plaques
Bag Tags
ID Tags
Interior Signage
Name Badges
Home & Office Décor
Desktop Accessories
Serving Trays
Wall Décor
Framed Murals
Wine Boxes
Cutting Boards
Golf Shirts
Golf Towels

If you are looking for promotional products, advertising specialties custom imprinted with your company logo-you are at the right place!

Here you will find advertising specialties, promotional products, business forms & office products, greeting cards & wedding invitations, & unique customized gifts of all kinds!


Choose from blank, custom printed, or custom woven neck lanyards
Select from different styles or go completely custom
Lanyards are universally popular for promotions, security, and fund-raisers
Quantity discounts available


Choose from blank, color processed or laser engraved name tags
Wide variety of backings

Name badges offer instant professionalism and added security to your cause
Quantity discounts available


Large selection of apparel and accessories
Quality artwork digitizing and stitchwork
Turnaround of 5-7 business days
Minimum order of 12 items

Vinyl Banners and Signs

Custom Office Signage and Full Color Vinyl Banners
Creative ways enhance office professionalism and advertise to the public

Badge Holders

Various vinyl ID badge holders, inserts, and retractable badge reels
Very professional and budget friendly identification
Popular for groups or events with large numbers of people
Quantity discounts available

Name Plates

Engraved Name Plates in 30 different colors
Classy name plate holders
Crisp 1-color contrast for logos and text
Adds professionalism to any work environment

Printed T-Shirts

Unify your cause with custom t-shirts
Get up to a 5 color imprint
Quantity discounts available
Very practical, yet impressive way to promote your brand

Promotional Buttons

As low as $0.18 ea!
Unlimited color options
2 1/4" diameter
Pin and Magnetic attachments available
Sold in 100 packs

Promotional Items

Variety of customizable promotional items
Get noticed with a sharp 1-color contrast for logos and text
Great for promotional giveaways or gift ideas
If you don't see an item you're looking for, simply call us for a custom quote
We can print or engrave any 3-Dimensional object

Nametag Accessories

Large assortment of nametag backings and accessories
Quantity discounts available
Sold in packs of 100

Personalized Clocks

Round Clocks
Children's Clocks
Kitchen Clocks
Sports Clocks
Occupation Clocks
Business Clocks
Teacher Clocks
Patriotic Clocks
Photo Clocks
Dog Photo Clocks
Mickey Mouse Clocks
Barbie Clock
Blue's Clues Clock
Snow White Clock
Winnie the Pooh Clock
Piglet Clock
Lilo & Stitch Clock
Lion King Clock
Sponge Bob Clock
Hulk Clock

Personalized Tote Bags

Tote Bags

Picture Frames
Name Frames
Occupation Frames
Irish Name Frames

Children's Gifts

Kids Wastebaskets
Kids Irish Wastebaskets
Kids Soft Plush Puppy
Kids Teddy Bears
Kids Beanie Babies
Kids Hard Hats
Kids Fireman Hats
Kids Construction Hats
Kids Name Frames
Kids Round Clocks

Kids Personalized Music CD
Personalized Music CD
Personalized Kids Story Book CD

Photo Gifts
Photo Clocks
Photo Mouse Pads
Photo Tote Bags
Photo Teddy Bears
Photo Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies
Beanie Babies
Company Logo Beanie Babies

Soft Plush Puppies
Soft Plush Puppy

Teddy Bears
USA Bear
Irish Bear
Birthday Bear
Sports Bears
Flower Girl Bear
Ring Bearer Bear
Wedding Bears
Teacher bear
Company Logo Teddy Bears
Everyday Bears

Company Logo, Slogan
Promotional Products, Corporate Gifts

Computer Items
Blank Mouse Pads
Custom Mouse Pads
Occupation Mouse Pads
Sports Mouse Pads
Irish Mouse Pads
Teacher Mouse Pads
Graduation Mouse Pads
Photo Mouse Pads
Personalized Website Banners

Air Freshener Dolls
Irish Dolls

Irish Gifts

Irish Catalog
Irish Clocks
Irish Aprons
Irish Name Frames
Irish Teddy Bear
Irish Clowns

Special Occasions

Graduation Gifts
Teachers Gifts
Birthday Gifts
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day Gifts
Easter Gifts
Patriotic Gifts
4th of July Gifts
Mothers Day Gifts
Fathers Day Gifts

Miscellaneous Gifts

Air Freshener Dolls
Mickey Mouse Book Covers
Blank Items

Link Exchange Program
Partner Links

Full Color Custom Branding And Award Products
At Biz-Promotion we create amazing custom, full color, photographically decorated products. We can mix photos, text, graphics and logos on all sorts of products suitable for awards, gifts, trophies, marketing, promotions, thank you, decor and many more.

We use the latest color printing and digital imaging technology to create stunning images on these custom products. Minimum quantities are usually 1 piece with personalization and customization. You can use your artwork, choose from over 500 standard images, utilize our photography services, or we can find one on a stock agency.

We can deliver your custom product in about 10 days from approval of artwork, some in less time.

Logo Mats

Logo mats are a great way to display your brand or product to a large number of customers. Whether you use them in your facility or send them to your customer's people will take notice of your message. They can also be used as thank yous for realtors and others.

Photo Panels

These high gloss panels make great decor items, use them to display artwork in your office, reception, boardroom or training areas. Customize them with your logo, add text or an inspirational message. They make great home decor items as well.

Photo Plaques

Photo plaques are available in a large variety of sizes (Up to 12"x16") and shapes (rectangle, round, home plate, football). Each plaque can be customized to suit your particular application with photographs, logos, graphics, text or any combination. We can even put individual team members names on them.

They are suitable for awards, trophies, memberships, team thank you's, supplier of the year awards, customer awards, service and safety awards and many, many more. Can also be used as certificates for training.

Glass Art

Create a stunning work of art for your business or home, customize the glass to incorporate your logo, use as a high end award or trophy. Great for office reception area, boardroom or training room. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes up to 12".


Where you need full color non-dimensional signage to enhance your business or home. Large variety of sizes and shapes all capable of displaying photographic quality images and customized with text or graphics.

Lasercut Acrylics

Sandwich a full color image between two layers of acrylic and create keychains, bagtags, magnets, ornaments, clocks and more. Use as promotional products to enhance your brand, use as fundraisers for your charity or organization. Customize with text and graphics.

Mugs and Coasters

Custom coasters and mugs are a favorite as a promotional item, they are usually kept and used, making sure your marketing investment pays off, one of the most effective promotional products there is. Customize them with photos text and graphics.

Custom Dry Erase Whiteboards

Now you can create a unique whiteboard in full color, customized to your application, Include your logo, maps, product photos, text and graphics. If you are a hospital, manufacturer, doctor, School, etc we can create boards for your unique application. In sizes up to 36" x 48".

Boxes and clocks

Boxes are a great way to commemorate achievements and special occasions such as retirements, weddings, service and safety. Use them as awards for sales staff. we have keepsake boxes, humidors, jewelry boxes, and dresser organizers available. All can be customized with names, dates, inspirational messages etc.

Clocks are a great tool to promote your brand when used as a promotional product. We have glass clocks, wooden clocks, poster clocks and custom hardboard clocks. they also make great gifts and awards for all sorts of occasions.

Custom Tile Murals

What better way to promote your brand than to display it in the floor or walls of your office building or on the front of your reception desk. Our tile murals come in a variety of materials, Can be customized with any image, graphic, logo or text and produced as large as the quality of the artwork will allow. They also make great decor items for restaurants, stores, coffee shops and bars.

Signature Plaques

Use these plaques to ensure buy in for new projects, targets and teams. Commemorate targets achieved and milestones reached. You can even use the larger versions as a wedding signature memento with a photo of the bride and groom.

Documents up to can be encapsulated with our custom encapsulation process.

ID products

Check out our wide variety of ID products including bagtags, name badges, Id badges and keychains. All available in a variety of sizes. They can be customized for your application.

Bags, Totes & Coolers
Calculators & Electronics
Caps & Headwear
Clocks & Watches
Computer Accessories
Desktop & Office
Drinkware & Mugs
Food & Beverage
Health, Safety & Fitness
Key Tags & Holders
Kitchen & Home
Notepads & Paper Cubes
Outdoor, Sports Related & Toys
Pens, Pencils & Highlighters
Stress Relievers
Tools, Carabineers & Flashlights
Trade Show
Travel & Business
Uniforms & Workwear
New, Cool & Unusual
Quick Ship Items
Made In USA

Drinkware, Mugs and Cups
Lanyards & Badge Holders
Pens, Pencils, Highlighters
Quick-Ship RUSH Items
Trade Show & Conventions

Awards & Recognition
Badges, Buttons & Pins
Bags, Packs & Cases
Calendars & Planners
Can and Bottle Coolers
Caps, Hats & Headwear
Computer Accessories
Corporate Gifts & Portfolios
Desktop & Office Essentials
First Aid, Health & Safety
Food, Candy & Beverage
Games, Toys, & Novelties
Golf Accessories
Holiday Items
Key Tags
Luggage Tags
Sports, Outdoors & Leisure
Stress Balls and Relievers
Tools, Flashlights, Knives...
Tote Bags
Travel Accessories

Promotional Products - Impact, Exposure and Influence: A Survey of Business Travelers at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport
A survey recently conducted for PPAI by LJ Market Research reveals the power of promotional products by measuring how end users respond to organizations that use promotional products as part of their marketing mix.

The survey, Promotional Products - Impact, Exposure and Influence: A Survey of Business Travelers at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, was conducted by interviewing business travelers at DFW Airport. More than 71 percent of travelers indicated they had received at least one promotional product in the last 12 months.

The study also showed that respondents' ability to recall the name of an advertiser on a promotional product they had received (76 percent) was much better than their ability to recall the name of an advertiser from a print publication they had read in the past week (53.5 percent).

Promotional products, corporate gifts and trade show giveaways
You've found the promo know-how people! Biz-Promotion delivers the best custom promotional products and corporate gift items. Our promotional marketing experts help you find the right trade show giveaways, imprinted items, promotional corporate gifts and promotional apparel. Buying business promotional gifts has never been easier, faster or more fun!

Contact a Promotions Specialist today!

Promotional Product Index
Automotive Products
Awards & Recognition
Badges, Buttons & Lanyards
Bags, Packs & Totes
Calendars & Planners
Cameras, Electronics & Calculators
Caps & Hats
Clocks & Watches
Computer Accessories
Corporate Gifts
Desktop Items
Food & Drink
Games, Toys & Fun
Golf Products & Accessories
Hospitality, Healthcare & Personal Products
Kitchen & Home
Mugs, Drinkware & Barware
Office Products & Business Supplies
Outdoors & Sports
Pens, Pencils & Highlighters
Stress Balls
Tools, Carabiners & Flashlights
Travel Items

We are not only fast
...We're reliable, efficient, helpful and fully loaded with over 750,000 Custom Promotional Products at your disposal.

Promotional Products Made Fast!
Welcome to Biz-Promotion- the fastest promotional items provider in the industry! We guarantee up to 5-day turnaround on thousands of promotional products and advertising specialties, including custom key chains, personalized mugs, custom hats, tradeshow giveaways, corporate logo apparel and a lot more! Our promotional products with your shining logo always make a perfect conversation piece and a strong brand development item.

Your Own Personal Consultants
The staff at Biz-Promotion is available to you for free consultations on all of your promotional item or corporate gift needs. We get to know your business, we speak your marketing language and we understand your goals. We have helped thousands of businesses just like yours in providing the most creative, unique and cost effective products based on your specific business model and needs of your project. Just call us now and we'll make it easy for you!

Product Research
If you have trouble choosing a special promotional item or an advertising specialty for an event, Biz-Promotion can help. Our Product Research department employs comprehensive research capabilities to find the right promotional gift for your special event, trade show, marketing project, or a client outing. Dedicated Special Order reps have access to thousands of promo products and corporate gifts, each of which can be shipped in up to 5 days!

Custom Manufacturing
Whether it is a personalized ad specialty, a custom promotional product or a stylish corporate gift to recognize employees' accomplishments, Biz-Promotion has the turnaround and expertise you need. We efficiently design, warehouse and deliver your finished unique promotional products in the quantities you need...at the price you want...within the timeframe you specify!


Lowest Price Guaranteed
- Guaranteed lowest prices. Credit Card Guarantee
- Every purchase is safe & secure. Zero liability.
Guaranteed Delivery
- We will NEVER miss your ship date/deadline. No Order Processing Fees
- Buy only what you need. No minimum spend amount.


We are Your Promotional Products Supplier and Custom T-Shirt Printer
Turn to Biz-Promotion for your custom imprinted promotional product needs. We have thousands of custom products-including custom stress balls, promotional pens, personalized travel mugs, and trade show giveaways. Each promotional item we print has YOUR logo on it-from stylish corporate apparel to that custom t-shirt to our sturdy tote bags and backpacks. Custom promotional items are a great way to increase employee retention, motivate personnel, target new customers, and increase brand awareness through the use of logo goods.
Imprinted Promotional Products are Important to Your Company!
As a quality imprinted promotional product supplier, we can put your logo on any promotional item you can think of; we offer more than 11,000 hand selected promotional products available online which we can screen print, deboss, laser engrave, pad print, or embroider your logo on-

Imprinted Stress Balls
Custom Coolers
Logo Ceramic Mugs
Debossed Pad folios Personalized Travel Mugs
Promotional Pens
Custom Mouse Pads
Polo Shirts
Printed Flashlights Personalized T-Shirts
Corporate Apparel
Custom Golf Balls
Embroidered Hats
Promotional Tote Bags

Take the Stress Out of Your Next Promotion. Trust our Promo Item Experts!
Our promotional item experts are very knowledgeable and professional. They work with product promotions, tradeshow giveaways, corporate gifts, logo products, and promotional stress balls on a daily basis and have all the marketing know how to guarantee the best return on your investment. So, what are you waiting for? Let one of our promo product account representatives help you find the best advertising specialty item at the best possible price for your next promotion! They'll show you all of are exciting options and give you the help you need to make your logo stand out from the rest. Call today!


Polo Shirts
Button Down Shirts
Rain Ponchos

Auto Emergency Kits
Ice Scrapers
Bumper Stickers
Floor Mats
Sun Shades
Dash Accessories
Visor Accessories
License Plates/Frames
Car Magnets
Car Wash/Detail Kits
Parking Permits
Mobile Phone Accessories
Awards & Recognition

Tower Awards
Gift Coasters
Timepiece Awards
Badges, Buttons & Pins

Celluloid Buttons
LED Flashing Buttons
Button Magnets
Name Badges
Badge Holders
Lapel Pins
Neck Wallets
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The Seven Part Plan to Building a Brand

Building a brand is more than just fixing a catchy name on a product. Brand is all about relationships-it is how customers feel about your product. That feeling will either incline them to use your product or pass it by for something else. What control does a marketer have over the minds and hearts of buyers? Marketing authority David Jobber has identified seven factors in building a successful brand.

While a seller cannot create the public's perception of their product, the seller must influence opinion using strategic suggestions. This is called positioning, and to do it properly the seller must first identify the advantages of using the product or service. These benefits must align with the customer's needs, wants, and desires.

If you are lucky enough to be the first on the market to offer a particular product or service you may have an advantage-initially. If your product is successful you can be sure competition will arrive shortly; however, it is possible for the first successful brand to create a clear position in the minds of customers before the competition enters the market. Whether or not your product is the first of its kind, your first challenge is to establish credibility. Consumers must take your product seriously if they are to develop trust and loyalty to your brand.

Of course, before customers will buy a product, they must know about it. Communications play a critical role in building brand. Initial effort will focus on building brand awareness. As awareness increases, brand personality will be important to develop. Reinforcing position will be an on-going challenge.

This is where the next factor of brand-building comes into play. No amount of hustling can cover for quality. Statistically, higher quality brands always outplay their inferior counterparts in the marketing arena. Part of building a brand is communicating to consumers the benefits of using your brand-and consistently delivering on that promise.

Brand values must be understood and accepted internally as well as externally. This means that brand building involves a certain amount of internal marketing and training, so that any face-to-face contact customers have with the product is consistent and positive.

Even with the best of marketing, brand loyalty takes time to secure. Therefore, a long-term perspective is required when investing in a brand. Initially building up the brand will be an expense. Any business venture is a risk. If there comes a time when a brand has become tired or its market has gone into decline, the business may need to work at repositioning the product to reflect the change in consumers taste. Repositioning is an important, and none too easy factor, in brand building.

These seven factors: positioning, credibility, communications, quality, internal marketing, long-term perspective, and repositioning, are critical to building brand value. A proper marketing plan will address each factor. In addition, the marketing strategy should be evaluated and updated at regular intervals.

The Promotional Pen, an Essential Advertising Medium

General writing pens are as basic to office operations as stationary, paper clips and business cards. We would never think of running out of them. However it's a different story when it comes to promotional pens. They are generally viewed as an optional item, something we order only when we want an inexpensive give away item.

Promotional pens are custom printed and include company information like name, address and phone number. They can include an advertising message, or web address. They differ from general writing pens in that they are used to promote a business, product/service or event. If you look at promotional pens and how they are used, you'll soon discover that they are an excellent advertising medium, a real asset to any company. What better way to introduce your company, roll out a new product or service or list your website than with a promotional pen?

Think of how many times you have asked a waiter, insurance agent, receptionist, attendant or other company representative, "Do you have a pen?" when you're ready to pay your bill or sign a document. Someone will typically scramble for a pen until one is found. You may have to go through a pen or two before finding one that looks presentable and works well enough to complete the transaction.

Clever managers have taken care of this issue by purchasing promotional pens regularly and strategically placing them throughout their establishments. This makes it convenient for customers to locate them when needed and ensures that customers have an attractive, functional pen for transactions. Added benefits are that pens provide contact information in a format that's more practical than a business card and promotional pens arm customers with a way to advertise and promote without making a sales pitch!!

Firms like banks and hotels use an unimaginable number of pens and they place them everywhere. They know that pens are affordable, practical, functional and mobile. The typical pen travels to numerous locations providing enormous exposure for any advertising message. These companies know that pens are handed off for signatures and written transactions, ending up in pockets, planners, purses, briefcases, and bags. They are left on tables, counters and desks in every industry. Pens as an advertising medium are designed to reinforce your company name in the minds of customers. All this exposure translates to awareness, convenience and increased revenues.

We recommend that companies purchase several kinds of promotional pens for different applications. For example, there should always be a supply of promotional pens for every day office use. These pens should be imprinted with company contact information that tells customers who you are, what you do and how to contact you. That information will come in handy when they are ready to do business. They should provide for convenience, easy access and distribution to customers who come to your establishment. Promotional pens used daily by employees or volunteers that do a lot of handwriting should be ergonomically correct, with grips for easy handling.

A high quality promotional pen should be used for business gifts and special occasions. Some examples include speaker's gifts, graduation gifts, employee recognition, surpassing milestones, and other special occasions. These pens can be engraved and include company name, the date of the occasion or recognition, and the name of the recipient.

Be careful not to include too much promotional information on a special occasion pen. Items that are given as gifts should be more about the recipient, not the promotion of your company. However, the benefit to your company is that you recognize and motivate employees (and those who contribute to your success) for the great work they are doing. Happy people will spread the word to their friends and relatives.

4 Things To Note When Buying Corporate Gifts On The Internet

Nowadays, almost everything can be bought on the Internet, including corporate gifts. No matter if you want to buy just one gift for your beloved one or bulks of gifts for your customers, you can now buy them from the Internet in the comfort of your bedroom.

The World Wide Web is so huge that it presents you with lots of choices to choose from. It is way more competitive when compared to the physical corporate gift market, which proves to be a good thing for you as a consumer. You will be able to get the best gifts with the best price, provided you do your research. Before you buy from the Internet, there are 4 things that you should take note of:

1. Take your time to browse around. Do not buy from the first website that you have visited. Take your time to browse through the Internet so as to look for more choices. Search engine is a great tool for you to locate forums and blogs, which will recommend good online corporate gift merchants for you.

2. Compare prices. The price offered on the Internet is always cheaper than those offered by the traditional physical merchants. Online merchants have lesser overheads to cover; therefore they are able to pass on their savings to their customers. This makes the price for online corporate gifts very competitive, which is good for you as a customer. Compare prices with other websites and find the one which offers you the best price and support.

3. Check out the merchants. Before you buy from a particular merchant, make sure that he or she is credible. Credibility is very important on the Internet, you will not want to not able to find the merchant if there is any problem with the corporate gifts that you order. The website should have the merchant contact number and company address. Make a phone call to them and ensure that they are legitimate.

4. Look out for discount coupons. Sometimes, especially during festive periods, it is very common to find online merchants offering discount coupons and promotions. Take this opportunity to further increase your savings, by using the discount coupon on those already low-priced gifts when compared to what physical merchants have offered.

Just remember that you are now able to save all the hassles that usually come with corporate gift marketing. Just use your computer and access the Internet to search for the best gifts for your customers.

Corporate Gift Brand Marketing - Why Do You Need It?

Corporate gift marketing is one of the best marketing strategy that you seriously need to consider to be included as part of your overall marketing plan for your business. By giving away corporate gifts, you will be able to build up your brand awareness, as well as to promote feelings of goodwill between your business and gift receivers.

One very important thing to note when it comes to using corporate gift as your marketing strategy, is that quality of the gifts count a lot. Your gifts should appear perfect, in appearance as well as the purpose it serves. You should not take any chances here. Go to your most trusted suppliers. If it is your first time, then look for a company which is reputable so as to minimize your chance of getting low quality gifts.

Now, let us get into the reasons why corporate gift marketing is essential to your business:

1. Corporate gifts allow personalization. To have a successful brand marketing campaign, your brand must be personal enough for consumers to identify and build a more personal relationship with. By matching corporate gifts to the type of company personality that requires promoting, you will able to hit the right chord with the consumers.

2. Corporate gifts maintain the positive interaction and goodwill between your business and consumers. Usually after a brand marketing campaign, consumers will only be able to associate and interact with a company through its advertising message, which is intangible. But with corporate gifts, you are giving them a physical representation of your company. In this case, they will be able to touch and feel the representation of a company. This will deeply leave your marketing message in their minds and result in a better overall marketing campaign in the long run.

3. Build your company brand. Branding is very important for businesses as it allows the consumers to associate your services or products of your company. A corporate gift is a great way to build brand awareness as branding is all about making associations. For example, if you think of Nike, you may think of football jerseys with the TICK on them. So by creating associations between key chains and your company can be effective as well.

Before you use corporate gift to market your products, do make sure that you set your budget first. With the right budget, you will be able to produce a successful campaign.

Five Characteristics of Highly Flawed Small Business Advertising

Behind every disappointing small business advertisement there is at least one reason for its failure. The good news is that any flaw with your advertising can be corrected, if you are willing to try new ideas.

Unless you are in the advertising business, chances are your strongest skills are not in advertising. If you are like many small business people, your small business advertisements are likely guilty of at least one of several common flaws.

Identifying what is wrong with your advertising is the first step toward making corrections that will result in greater response, increased revenue and stronger profits.

Following are descriptions of five common characteristics of highly flawed small business advertising. There are more, but correcting these will make for a great start.

Unfocused Market

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking a bigger market is a better market when choosing where to run their ads. The result is they spend their advertising dollars to reach a larger but less focused market.

Are the places you choose to run your ad laser-focused on your market?

When your ads are focused squarely on your market you increase the likelihood that the readers who see your ad will actually have a need for your service. The more effectively you place your advertising in front of an 'already interested' market the more likely they will be predisposed to noticing and reacting to your ad, which is what you want.

For example, imagine your company specializes in helping law firms reduce the cost of prosecuting long, ongoing cases. If you choose to run a series of full page ads in the New York Times instead of the New York Law Journal you will likely be disappointed by the response to your campaign; despite reaching the considerably larger audience of the New York Times you would be missing the focused attention of the legal minded readership of the New York Law Journal.

How can you tell whether or not you can focus your advertising on a more receptive market?

Lack of Distinction

The next most common problem with small business advertising is that advertisements for companies in the same industry often fail to distinguish themselves from their competition.

How can you expect to win the lion's share of your market if your advertisements pretty much look the same and contain the same elements as those of your competition?

Furthermore, distinguishing your company from your competitors is often made more difficult because, within a given advertising vehicle, advertisements for companies in similar industries appear virtually on top of each other. This scenario is particularly true for yellow pages listings and pay-per-click advertising. In order to succeed with your advertising your ads need to stand out and above those of your competition.

For example, if you are the owner of a pet supply company and your ads simply say, "We Sell Pet Supplies" they will be passed over along with every other bland advertisement for Fido's food.

On the other hand, your ads will stand out and attract much more attention to your shop if you state that you sell, "King Sized Bones and Bowls for the Royalty in Your Family." By focusing your ads on the owners of large breed dogs you distinguish yourself from the crowd of pet shops that simply sell pet supplies and make it clear to the owners of large dogs that you sell what they need.

Be sure the copy of your ads has the effect of making what you offer unique. Your highly targeted prospects will reward you by noticing the difference in your ads and buying from you.

Do your ads distinguish your business clearly above your competition?

Failure to Demonstrate Value

Another property of flawed advertising is that it fails to demonstrate the value of any products or services provided. By failing to demonstrate value in your advertisements you give your prospects only a foggy idea of the benefits you provide and no clear reason to buy from you. Demonstrating value will also help you set yourself apart from you competitors.

How can you change your ads to demonstrate the value you provide?

Too Much Focus on Products and Services

Consumers buy products and services because they fill a need or solve a problem. If your ad copy focuses too much on your company and the products and services you provide you miss your opportunity to demonstrate to your prospects that you provide the solution they need.

For example, imagine you are recovering from knee surgery and need to work with a physical therapist to regain your full range of motion. Would you be more likely to choose a therapist who advertises his new and modern equipment or the one who advertises that she will have your knee working and feeling like new again in just three weeks?

What should you focus your advertising on instead of your products and services?

Lack of a Clear Call to Action

A fifth characteristic of a highly flawed advertising is a lack of a clear call to action. An ad without a clear call to action is like calling 911 and not telling the operator where you are. Why bother calling?

Don't assume that your prospects know what they should do once they've read your ad. You need to tell them to be sure they know.

If you've gotten their attention, demonstrated your value and shown them that you are the solution to their problem, don't waste your good work by neglecting to instruct them to take the next step and contact you.

Move Your Marketing Forward™

Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising. If you are disappointed with the business your advertising generates why not take action to correct your dysfunctional ads?

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