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100% Pure Silicone Wristbands No Setup Fees ! . . . . . No Mold Fees !
Free Artwork ! . . . . . Free Shipping !

Your wristbands can be any color at all.
Click here to pick from about 1,000 different Pantone colors.

Manufactured just like the Lance Armstrong
*LiveStrong* Wristbands

General features...
  • We'll put any text / logo / art on your bands... as much as you want... whatever we can fit on the bands... all the way around... no extra charges.
  • A continuous, seamless band, made from molded 100% synthetic silicone rubber.
  • Normal production time is about 3 weeks after art approval...
  • I Can get 1,000 Debossed bands DELIVERED in less than 2 weeks.
  • Normal Adult size is 202 mm circumference (about 8 inches) x 12 mm width x 2 mm thick.
  • Normal Youth size is 180 mm circumference (about 7 inches).
  • We an make ANY size that you'd like...
    • Any length
    • Any width
    • Any thickness
    • Any custom shape or design

Feel free to give us a call at (949) 855-2048,
or Send us an Email with any questions.

Debossed wristbands...
  • Like the original LiveStrong bands, The text / logo / art is engraved or *dug-out* of the silicone.

  • We use the same factories that make the original LiveStrong bands.
    We guarantee that the quality, material, workmanship, and dimensions
    are exactly the same as the LiveStrong bands.

    Imprinted wristbands...
  • The bands are smooth all-the-way around. Your Custom message or art is then Printed onto the flat wristband using a special flexible ink that stretches with the silicone.

  • Yes, we can do the imprinted bands,... but frankly, I always
    advise against them. It is, after all, only an ink.
    It will wear off after a while. It should last for a few months,
    but even after normal wear, the ink will wear off.
    Anybody who tells you something different is... not telling the truth.

    Pricing information...
  • Generally, for normal 1-color Debossed wristbands,...
    Quantity: 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 10000
    Debossed: $0.76 0.64 0.55 0.48 0.44 0.34

      Prices shown are Per Band, and Include
    • all Mold / Setup charges,
    • Pre-production Sample pictures for approval,
    • Manufacturing,
    • Packaging in individual clear Poly-bags, and
    • Delivery by Air to our U.S. warehouse,
    • as well as UPS Ground shipping to your continental U.S. location.
    There are No hidden fees.

    For example... 1,000 bands... $760... DELIVERED to you.

  • Of course, higher (and lower) quantities are available.
    As with most other products, the higher the quantity, the lower the price.

    And there are Many unique options,
    more than those shown in the pictures here.
  • Scented bands
  • Glow-in-the-dark bands
  • Multi-color silicone
  • Deboss all-the-way THROUGH the band
  • Embossed (raised art)
  • Embossed and Painted art
  • Raised art in another silicone color
  • Debossed and then Color-filled
  • Different horizontal colors
  • Bands with attached metal plates
  • Bands with metal clasps / connectors
  • Bands that change color when in the sun
  • Adjustable size bands / with snaps
  • Wristbands with built-in digital Watches
  • Wristbands with built-in USB Flashdisks
  • Gold or Silver-looking silicone
  • Glitter / Sparkle in the silicone
  • Emboss and /or Deboss variations
  • Joined or Connected wristbands
    Please do scroll down to see SOME of what's available.

    All of the options do add a bit to the pricing that's shown above.

  • Stock Blank wristbands...
  • No text or art on them, and they're available IMMEDIATELY.
  • Near the bottom of this page, you can see pictures of the 1-color and multi-color bands that can probably be delivered overnight.
    Stock Message bands...
  • They've already been designed for you.
  • Probably available Immediately.
  • Like the Stock American Flag band shown near the bottom of this page, there are many available stock messages...
  • . . . . . Think Pink
  • . . . . . Class of 2010
  • . . . . . Survivor
  • . . . . . Support Our Troops
  • And Many Others.

  • If you have any questions or concerns,
    just give us a call at (949) 855-2048,
    or Send us an Email with your questions.

    Ready to place an order?...

    Just Send us an Email with some details...
  • How many bands?
  • Adult size?, OR Youth size?
  • What Color bands? Click here to pick a Color.
  • What art or message do you want on the bands?
  • Do you want any of the available Options?
  • What's the Ship-to address?
  • What's your Phone number (just in case)?
  • Is there a certain Date when you Must have these bands?

  • Custom silicone wristbands

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